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Treat each client like a family member

We don’t need Investment Advisor Regulations or a Department of Labor ruling to legislate our business morals, the firm was founded for the purpose of putting client’s interest above our own. We believe in a world where you can trust your financial advisor to give you sound and completely transparent advice. One in which any conflicts of interest and any fees charged would be openly and freely discussed. We are willing to act and sign off as a fiduciary, meaning we are legally binding ourselves to always put your interests above our own. Is your current financial advisor willing to do the same?

Look at the entire financial picture

Would you drive to a new restaurant, hotel or attraction in an unfamiliar area without looking online or entering the address into your navigation system? Would you not go to a Doctor for annual physicals or treatment for a broken bone or a chronic illness? So why handle your finances any different?

Without a financial plan you may not be on track to achieve your financial goals, like retiring by 65. More likely though, even if you are on track to save enough to retire at 65, it is likely that without a plan you are missing something that could derail your retirement, like a long term disability, an improper asset allocation or inadequate liability coverage. The majority of people tend to focus only on saving and investing and not on the overall picture, this is where a financial plan will help.

Disciplined approach to investing

Our Investment Philosophy is built on the following key principles; proper goal creation, diversification, cost reduction and long-term discipline. Every portfolio should have a clear, measurable, attainable/realistic goal. Portfolios should be allocated across various asset classes, utilizing broadly diversified investment vehicles. Every dollar spent on investment costs and taxes reduces the value of an investment portfolio, when these costs are compounded over time, the result can be devastating for long-term growth potential, therefore we focus on reducing costs and minimizing taxes.

Finally, portfolios are managed with a long-term disciplined perspective, avoiding irrational emotions that lead to chasing the latest investment craze or hot market sector. These principles are derived from practical experience and academia, and while over short-term time periods other strategies may outperform, over the long-term, we believe, these are the keys for successful investing.

Mitigate risks that can derail financial goals

Nobody likes to pay for insurance, whether it be health, life, disability, long-term care, you name it, we don’t like to pay for it. Unfortunately, without the proper risk management, our best financial plan can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. It is imperative your financial plan is built on a solid foundation and that your life, lifetime earnings and assets, among other things, are properly protected.


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