Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you worked in personal finance and what are your qualifications?
How long have you worked in personal finance and what are your qualifications?
Douglas graduated from Saint Peter’s University with a business management degree in 2005. He started working in the financial services field the day after he graduated from college where he obtained his series 7, 63, 65,66, and life and health insurance licenses. Douglas is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner. To become a CFP®, he had to meet and must maintain Education, Experience, Exam and Ethics requirements; more information regarding these requirements can be found here. Grant Asset Management was founded in 2018.

Is my money safe?
Safe is a relative term; when you invest you are always at risk of loss, however your assets are safe from recordkeeping errors and misappropriation. Client’s assets are held with Charles Schwab and those accounts carry both SIPC and FDIC insurance coverage, there is additional coverage provided by Lloyd’s of London. More information can be found here.

What will it cost me to work with you and how does Grant Asset Management earn money?
Your costs will depend on the services that Grant Asset Management provides. “GAM” earns revenues through hourly fees, asset-based investment management fees, and/or commissions from insurance sales. “GAM” receives no revenue through investment sale commissions, revenue sharing agreements with asset managers or custodians, or soft dollar arrangements from asset managers. If you decide that you just want hourly planning, there is no requirement to have your assets managed by Grant Asset Management or to purchase insurance through us. Please review our fee schedule here.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with individuals in all age ranges and net worth levels who are looking for an expert to handle all aspects of their finances, from their budget to their estate plan. We also work with organizations providing employee benefit solutions, including retirement plans and group insurance.

Do you get paid commissions?
We receive commissions from insurance sales but not from investments. Clients are under no obligation to purchase insurance from Grant Asset Management. We act as a broker providing quotes from multiple insurance companies but we recommend that you compare them with other brokers and providers to find the best solution for your need.

Do you act in my best interest or your own?
Grant Asset Management is a New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania Registered Investment Advisor, legislatively we are required to act in a fiduciary capacity always putting our client’s interest above our own. Also, as a CFP® Practitioner, Douglas is required to act in a fiduciary capacity. With that being said, you cannot legislate morals and values, Douglas founded Grant Asset Management with the sole mission of offering clients an opportunity to meet their financial objectives through ethical, unbiased and competent professional guidance. We sign a contract with our clients stating we will act as their fiduciary and we live up to that contract.

What separates you from other financial advisors?
Many financial advisors say they are financial planners who provide comprehensive financial planning services and do what is in their client’s best interest. Unfortunately, many don’t live up to these promises. At Grant Asset Management we treat each client as if they are a family member. We provide all-encompassing wealth management services, we don’t just focus on managing your assets.

How do we get started?
To get started please contact our offices at 215-854-6314 or Doug’s cell at 908-902-3193. We will begin with a one-hour introductory meeting where we will mutually decide if it makes sense for us to work together.


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